A Tea Party with Joy

Whispers of Happiness in Everyday Life

Your Journey to Becoming a Bestselling Author Starts Here

What if you could share your unique story, creating authentic connections and inspiring others?

What if you could become a bestselling author without having to spend hours a day for possibly months on end, locked up by yourself writing?

What if you could have all the support you need from a book coach, publisher, marketing and PR experts to help you overcome writer’s block and imposter syndrome with newfound confidence?

Now is the time to turn your dream of being an author into a reality and unlock new professional opportunities. Leave your lasting legacy that will uplift readers for years to come.


Your Journey to Becoming a Bestselling Author Starts Here


Do you dream of becoming a bestselling author?

Are you unsure where to begin your writing journey? Look no further.

Introducing “A Tea Party with Joy – Whispers of Happiness in Everyday Life”

A Collaborative Book Like No Other

This unique anthology combines seasoned professionals’ book writing, bespoke publishing, and marketing expertise. It’s your opportunity to unveil the secrets of writing, editing, and publishing and to connect with industry experts who will guide you to success. You will also closely collaborate with fellow writers in a close community.

What if you could…

  • Learn from Anna Von Zinner, a book coach and editor with over 35 years of experience, and Andrea Putting, a bespoke publisher renowned for launching bestsellers.
  • Receive expert advice on crafting engaging stories, mastering the publishing process, and executing powerful book promotion strategies.
  • Join a community of aspiring authors in a supportive Facebook group, where encouragement and camaraderie await you at every step.
  • Benefit from the wisdom of marketing sherpa Ailsa Page and PR expert Amanda Mills, who will teach you how to create a buzz around “A Tea Party with Joy” and guide you on maximising the book’s impact for yourself and the community.

When and where

These workshops will be live virtual events held over a month on Sundays during June 2024 (except for the long weekend.) The sessions will be 90 minutes, beginning at 10 am through to 11:30 am AEST, (Saturday afternoon in the US) and are designed for you to get the most out of the experience. In addition, a Facebook group will keep everyone connected to support and encourage each other on the journey. If you can’t make the sessions live for any reason, don’t worry; they will be recorded and available to you on the Facebook group. By the end of April, your story will be complete and ready to be published in the book “A Tea Party with Joy – Whispers of Happiness in Everyday Life.”

The Book

Have you ever experienced a moment of pure joy that you felt compelled to share? We’re creating a cosy corner for those stories and warmly invite yours. Whether it’s a grand adventure or a quiet, tender moment, your story matters. By sharing your story, you’re not just contributing to a book; you’re spreading happiness and supporting 123Read2Me, a charity that brings the joy of reading to children in Australia.

The Program Journey:

Aspiring Writer to Published Bestselling Author. No matter what your story of joy is, this is your dream, and we’re here to make it a reality. For an investment in your authorial future, you’ll embark on a transformative journey with our “A Team” of experts.

(Subject to change)

2 June – Sunday 1

Defining Purpose and Planning

  • Defining the purpose of your story
  • Identifying the target market
  • Crafting a story outline
  • Branding for book cover design

9 June – King’s Birthday holiday weekend

16 June – Sunday 2

Research and Content Development

  • The importance of Your Story
  • Give the Facts – including research
  • Communication Framework
  • Deciding on a book cover
  • Crafting a Book that Stands Out

23 June – Sunday 3

Writing and Revision Techniques

  • Writing Strategies
  • Guided Writing Exercise
  • Creating a compelling opening and conclusion
  • Launching for Best-seller status
  • Social Media plan

30 June – Sunday 4

Final Edits and Marketing

  • Final Edits
  • How to Leveraging the Book as a Marketing Tool
  • Becoming a Published Author
  • Getting the most out of a Launch Party

Date TBA – Launch Party

By joining “A Tea Party with Joy,” you’ll:

  • Receive guidance from Anna Von Zinner on planning and writing your story.
  • Experience the thrill of publishing with Andrea Putting’s bespoke approach.
  • Discover how to maximise authorial opportunities with our marketing and PR team, Ailsa Page and Amanda Mills
  • Enjoy community support, ensuring you’re among the successful few who become published authors.
  • Have your story professionally edited to ensure the book is something you’ll be proud to share.
  • Access worksheets, notes, and recordings for each session.
  • Join an exclusive Facebook group for collaboration and idea sharing

Andrea Putting
Bespoke Publisher

Anna Von Zinner
Book Coach & Editor

Ailsa Page
Marketing Sherpa

Amanda Mills
PR Expert

Once the book is completed, you’ll:

  • Share your unique story, creating authentic connections and inspiring others.
  • Overcome writer’s block and imposter syndrome with newfound confidence.
  • Turn your dream of being an author into a reality.
  • Unlock new professional opportunities.
  • Leave a lasting legacy that uplifts readers for years to come.
  • Support 123Read2Me and bring the joy of reading to children.

Why Start with “A Tea Party with Joy”?

Our tested and trustworthy advice, top-notch guidance, supportive community, and generous knowledge sharing are all designed to empower you to succeed. Join the literary elite and make a significant impact with your writing.


Receive a 1-on-1, 30-minute coaching session with Anna to further your writing journey.

You will receive a gift pack, including three printed copies of “A Tea Party with Joy.”


AU$1295 (Early bird special: AU$995 if booked by May 18) click here to join this life-changing program (Payment plan available through PayPal.)

Don’t let fear hold you back. Join “A Tea Party with Joy – Whispers of Happiness in Everyday Life” and take the first step toward realising your dreams of becoming a published author.

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