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Putting Words Publishing is where your words get the spotlight they deserve. Give us your manuscript, and watch us sprinkle a bit of our magic—like sleek formatting,  killer cover designs and smart publishing. No need to get lost in the details; we’ve got it all in hand. Whether it’s crafting the perfect eBook or producing that can’t-stop-listening audiobook, we’ve got your back. Let’s join forces and make your storytelling vision a reality.


Proper book formatting is essential. It transforms a collection of words into an immersive experience, breathing life into the narrative. While self-publishing offers control, the technicalities are daunting. Pages need to be aligned uniquely, headings demand precision, and images need meticulous adjustment. Formatting isn’t just about appearance; it’s about conveying your essence. Investing in a designer ensures compatibility with various formats and devices. Well-crafted formatting elevates your work, inviting readers into a seamless journey of discovery.

Cover Design

Engaging a graphic designer for your book cover is paramount. They meld your ideas with technical precision, ensuring alignment, resolution, and visual coherence. A captivating cover conveys the essence of your work, alluring readers and setting expectations. Designers refine concepts, harmonise elements, and optimise formats for print or digital. They navigate the intricate balance of colours, typography, and imagery. Their expertise ensures your book stands out, resonates, and delivers a compelling first impression. Our skilled designer elevates your book’s marketability and communicates professionalism.

Best Seller

Becoming an Amazon best-seller holds multifaceted value. Beyond prestige, it amplifies visibility, capturing a wider audience’s attention. The coveted label enhances credibility, attracting media, speaking engagements, and potential collaborations. Higher sales can lead to increased revenue and opportunities.


Ebooks revolutionise reading, offering convenient access to vast libraries at your fingertips. The formatting challenges of print vanish, but new intricacies emerge. Proper ebook formatting guarantees a seamless reading experience across devices. Cover art must allure even in miniature. Precise alignment, adaptable fonts, and optimised images are key. While navigating technicalities demands time, experts ensure flawless execution. Ebooks make your narrative accessible and immersive, bridging the gap between author and reader through a digital realm of boundless potential.


Printed books embody timeless allure. Their tangible presence evokes a sensory journey, from the rustle of pages to the aroma of paper and ink.  At Putting Words, we craft each page meticulously. Design and formatting, crucial for aesthetic appeal, merge artistry and functionality. While digital advances surge, printed books endure as cherished artifacts, evoking nostalgia and enriching reading rituals. Authors forge a legacy through printed pages, uniting generations in the tactile delight of storytelling bound in ink and paper.


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Audiobooks blend literature with oral tradition, with narrators infusing characters with emotions. Convenient for busy lives, they broaden an author’s reach. Crafting requires pacing, tone, and accessibility for inclusivity. Audiobooks fuse ancient storytelling with modern convenience, revitalising the written word.

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